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I am the daughter of a photographer and artist, and granddaughter of a poet, creativity is in my blood and was encouraged from an early age.

I wrote my first poem in elementary school and haven’t stopped since. I am currently compiling all these musings into a book and am presently writing a novel as well. I surround myself with color, textures and anything that makes me happy.  So, it’s difficult to sum up all I am interested in; writing, painting, photography, quilting and what I call paper art, to name a few.

Having grown up primarily in Texas, I have lived and worked in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex throughout my career.  When time and money allow, you will find me "escaping" to the hills of San Francisco, the breathtaking views of the Redwood Forest or the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico. I have also been known to visit Azeroth for a little “tank and spank”.

But wherever I go and whatever I do, I love returning home to my prima donna cat Zoey and my grandson Myles.  He is the apple of his mother’s eyes and his Yaya’s everything. I look forward to bequeathing the beauty of the world and cultivate his creative nature as mine was.


I am an enthusiastic and highly-skilled Creative Lead with 15+ years of proven success developing strategic initiatives, directing production teams, and executing marketing campaigns that result in organization-wide brand elevation and growth. Dedicated hands-on leader focused on developing top-performing teams with extensive training, continued mentor-ship, and the development of a creative work environment that allows for support and collaboration. Committed to utilizing close partnerships with clients to identify visual needs and generate innovative top-quality solutions that adhere to brand standards. I bring a broad range of creative and marketing skills at your disposal.

I am a thinker and problem solver; my greatest talent is my remarkable imagination. Whether brainstorming with a team or working solo, I believe art is a process of discovery and cannot be forced. I love discovering the order in chaos. I seek to inspire, mentor and develop the best work environment possible and bring freshness, originality, and insight to every project.

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