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One month. An ad every day. Creative boot camp.

I recently read an article on LinkedIn by Jeremy Carson challenging readers to create an ad every day for an entire month.

As a creative type, it sounds easy but in practical terms by the end of week two, I will no doubt run out of ideas. No worries. Jeremy threw together a quick site he dubs the Brandomizer. I hate to admit, I have already hit the magic button several times already, for grins and giggles.


Then in April Jeremy began posting #AdaDay challenge on LinkedIn. It has been a lot of fun creating ads and seeing what others create. Over the course of the 31 days, we did the ask, some of us more than others. Let’s face it though, looking for employment has been just a little more important and I'm not giving up.


Please check back periodically to see what I come up with and who knows maybe you’ll accept the challenge as well.

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